Three workers captured when a protest rally clashed with the cops

BEKASI, MP Rieke Diah Pitaloki visited Bekasi Police Headquarter to see workers’ condition who are being captured by the cops. Three workers captured when they were protesting in front of Pertamina Gas limited in Pasirsari Village, South Cikarang, Bekasi County, West Java, on Wednesday (10/10). The clash between workers and cops sparked when the workers were protesting outside BUMN (goverment agency owned industry). Tens of workers suffered injuries, some of them even suffered more serious injuries and wounds at head are now being hospitalized. “There are three workers being caught by the cops. Until this moment, their status is still as witness. My presence, just as an act of solidarity to worker’s struggle.”, said Rieke. The three workers are Musriyanto, Setiawan, and Ara. Vice Police Grand Commissioner Adjutant, Hariyanta stated, police apparatus have conducted their job just right according to procedure when they dispersed forcefully the demonstration in front of Pertamina Gas. “Our members in the street did it right like what is being ruled in our procedure””, he said. At the protest rally, hundreds of workers who are members of KASBI (Kongres Aliansi Serikat Buruh Indonesia/Congress of Indonesian Trade Union Alliance) try to get inside the commpany while police guards right behind the fences. The cops reaction was to dispersed the protesters by rattan baton and tear gas.

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