Several posts of workers’ strike are being terrored and attacked by thugs

The incident around workers strike post

Several unknown thugs conducted attack towards at least 10 factories in Bekasi. Workers who wear Trade Unions attribute being attacked violently. The incident took place in at least 10 posts of workers’ strike in industrial areas such as Jababeka, Cikarang, and Bekasi. The thugs claim them selves as Forum Masyarakat Bekasi Bersatu (United Bekasi Citizen Forum) *other source confirmed different name:MBB (Masyarakat Bekasi Bergerak/ Bekasi Society on The Move).

Bekasi Workers Asociation, today, condemned the violence of the thugs. Spokeperson Bekasi Workers Joint Secretariat, Budi Wardoyo said, the act of violence which took place since last night is assumed as an act that came under instruction of a group, not as their own initiative.

“Previously there were some flyers being spread out that consisted of threat directed towards the workers to not demonstrate nor protest anymore, under reason that such things would disrupt security stability in related areas,” said Budi to the reporters.

Along with the spreading of the flyers, several investor forums came to the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, asking advices in order to respond the workers demonstration recently. Not only came to that Ministry, Budi also informed that the people from those forums also came to TNI (Indonesian National Army), demanding military apparatus to secure them against the demonstrations.

“So we concluded that the violent attack is the response towards their demand to those related groups,” stated Budi.

The apparatus let the violent attack

Evenmore, Budi also accused that both the government and the apparatus already knew about the violent attack and decided to let it happen and didn’t do any preventive security act to protect the workers.

Further, Budi explained that the violent attack already took place since last night. Some people dressed like thugs came to workers’ strike post in Jababeka, Cikarang, Bekasi.

“Those thugs started their action when workers came to the factories of Samsung Inc., that remaining open demanding their comrades to be allowed to join the strikes. That is when some workers were being stop and beaten. The thugs also took away violently workers forum attributes that being wore by some workers.”, said Budi.

Budi also explained that the thugs that claimed them selves as United Bekasi Citizen Forum tried to force the workers to sign an agreement to not protest or involved in demonstration anymore and to agree the outsourcing and contract employment system.

Until this moment Budi has not intended to report the attack to the authorities and rather decided to list the workers who were brutally beaten. “We haven’t got the total numbers yet, but soon after we get it we will make a report.”, he stated at the end of the interview.



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