South Sumateran Workers Succesful Push for Wage Rise but The Bosses Insist on Lower Pay

KASBI Workers

After waves of protest rally, on Monday January 21st, 2013, hundreds of workers finally succesfully forced South Sumatera local government to agree in raising minimum wage in South Sumatera for 20%, raised from Rp 1.350.000,- to Rp 1.630.000.
Nining Elitos, chairman of KASBI (Congress of Indonesian Trade Union Alliance) stated, “Decent wage in reality should be at Rp 1.874.000.” She further stated in the protest rally that also joined by student organisations and journalist asociation, “This protest is against a decree issued by the Governor that will set local minimum wage at Rp 1.350.000,-, a level that is not decent at all and doesn’t meet workers’ needs to live a decent life.”

Through negotiation during the protest which being supported not only by KASBI but also PRD (Democratic People Party), SRMI (Indonesian Poor Urban Union), LMND (Student League for National Democracy), HMI (Islamic Student Union) and AJI (Independent Journalist Alliance), Alex Noerdin, the governor of South Sumatera province finally agree to meet the demands, eventhough not 100%. “This level is already the highest minimum wage in Sumatera Island. Further raise beyond this would trigger protes from other governors in Sumatera”, he stated.

However, Apindo (Indonesian Employer Asociation) in South Sumatera through it’s local chairman, Sumar’ono claimed that such wage rise is procedurally incorrect and insisting that the minimum wage still should be at Rp 1.350.000,-. “Such decision to raise minimum wage is not being made by three parties, by employers, workers, and government. Moreover we also haven’t received any instruction and data from government related to this.” Further he also stated that based on current economy, a higher wage rise is impossible.

Dinda Wulandari,, UPAH MINIMUM PROVINSI: Pemprov Sumsel sepakat naik 20%, Tuesday January 21st 2013
Elly Suryani, Kompasiana, Ketika Buruh Sumsel Demo Minta Kenaikan UMP dan Berhasil,
KASBI rank and files official publication


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