Rumour Has It: SBY will Make Mayday as National Holiday in Indonesia

Jakarta-President SBY will make May 1st as a national holiday in Indonesia to respect International Workers’ Day commomerated by workers around the world including Indonesia.

“This is special gift, and president will state it on May 1st meeting at Maspion Inc. and Unilever Inc. in East Java. He will give this special gift which we already have been waiting for so long, that is to make May 1st as National Holiday for the following years,” claim Indonesian Workers Union Confederation (KSPI) Said Iqbal in a press conference in Presidential Office, Jakarta, Monday (29/4/2013).

Today President SBY meets with representation of workers organisations in State Palace. Saod said in the closed meeting President SBY told his background as a child who was raised in poor family.

“He delivered his empathy, He said that I (SBY) was from poor family, ofcourse, my empathy and my heart can be felt by poor family, including the workers,” he stated.

Few other things also being delivered by workers representation towards President SBY. One of the issues is about trade unionists concerns on universal health care and low wage. Especially on universal health care should be started on January 2014 not 2019. By revising Presidential Decree no. 12 – 2013 and Governmental Decree no. 101 – 2012.

“In principle, president will deliver that to related ministers, if there are presidential decree and governmental decree that conflicting with the law statutes, without hesitation there should be revision. Therefore we will discuss again on revision about articles that are conflictng with the law statutes. We said, there should be no discrimination between BPJS (Social Care System Body) members and those who are  not members yet,” he explained.

On low wage, the workers also said that items for Appropriate Living Needs (KHL) should be improoved from 60 items to 84. They also demand do not suspend minimum wage raised which will conflicting with ministral decree 231 – 2003.

Said also said that casualized teacher should also receive miminum wage because government also demand the employers to pay according to the new minimum wage. According to him, casualized teachers wealth also should be improved.

“He said that the suspension should be right in other words it can’t violate the law. If it’s already fill in the requirements than everything would be allowed, including 84 items that would be discussed further with APINDO (Indonesian Employer Association), he stated.

On the other side, the spokesperson of President SBY, Julian Aldrian Pasha, when being confirmed on nation holiday on May 1st, still wouldn’t give any explanation confirming this issue. “Let it be a surprise, I won’t be the one to confirm that”, he said.



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