Joint Statement from Indonesia “Solidarity for Egyptian”

Egypt is in continous turmoil and bloodshed

Murders and sexual assaults towards Egyptian People is a conscious attempt by Egyptian Military to silence the growing people power in their never ending resistance caused by deteriorating economic condition eventhough the previous regime fall and the new regime rules. The dangerous and threatening circumstances where victims keep on falling including women and children is a humanity emergency. The people who resists not only being threaten by loss of life and other rights as citizen but also being witness of the downfall of a civilization.

Citizens from all over the world have the responsibility to deliver their solidarity and even to deliver their best effort to stop the cruelty that still going on until today. Humanity solidarity is a link among human beings beyond their nationalities.

Therefore, we who are part of democratic groups, both as individuals and institutionally, today agree to declare our position to:

1. Condemn all violences and brutal murders that being committed by Egyptian Military

2. Demand all conflicting parties to stop the violences and murders towards Egyptian People

3. Demand the United Nations (UN) to conduct immediate investigation on crimes against humanity in Egypt. Especially investigate all sexual violences towards women during Morsi downfall.

4. Appeal to all citizens of all countries to deliver their solidarity to Egyptian People and urge all conflicting parties to respect the democratic process.

5. Demand all parties to guarantee civillians safety especially women and children, including journalists and social workers from all forms of violence.

We deliver this joint statement as solidarity for Egyptian People. “Let the Egyptian People, especially women and children live their life again free from fears and free to choose their political expression. Let Egypt recover to a civilized country,



Jakarta, Sunday 18th of August 2013.


This joint statement being signed by

  • Nuraini (Srikandi Demokrasi Indonesia – Indonesian Democratic Srikandi)
  • Vivi Widyawati (Politik Rakyat – People’s Politic)
  • Haris Azhar (Kontras – Komite untuk Orang Hilang dan Tindak Kekerasan, Commission for Missing Persons and Victims of Violence )
  • Yati Andriyani (Kontras)
  • Indria Fernida (Kontras)
  • Dian Septi Trisnanti  (FBLP – Federasi Buruh Lintas Pabrik – Cross-Factory Labour Federation)
  • Christina Yulita (Perempuan Mahardhika – Free Women)
  • Sinnal Blegur (Perkumpulan Praksis – Praxis Association)
  • Arif Fachrudin (LMND – Liga Mahasiswa Nasional untuk Demokrasi – Indonesian Student League for Democracy)
  • Roby Maulana (RPJB)
  • Nur Fitriana (LMND)
  • Alves Fonataba (Kontras)
  • Rei Firda (Kontras)
  • Wa Ampi (FBLP)
  • Tunggal Pawestri
  • Maria Magda Blegur
  • Elisabeth Koesrini
  • Ririn Safrini
  • Ariyanti Simamora
  • Dyah Wiwin
  • Maeda Yopie
  • Ambarwati
  • Yulia Evina Bhara
  • Tini Binanti

*Translated from ‘PERNYATAAN SIKAP BERSAMA “SOLIDARITAS UNTUK RAKYAT MESIR”’ from Translated to English and being republished via Earth of People.


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