Striking Workers in Bekasi Indonesia Being Shot By Cops


Thursday night, 26 September 2013, clash erupted in Bekasi, Indonesia. Thousands of workers from various factories in industrial area Bekasi held solidarity action to the struggle demanding workers’ right by Kalbe Farma Trade Union in Kalbe Farma Co.

Nyoemarno, Central Officials of FSPMI (Indonesian Metal Workers Trade Union Federation) stated that negotiation team of trade union and Kalbe Farma Co. Central’s representation have negotiated in Zurry Ekspress Lippo Cikarang since 2 pm.

The employer of Kalbe Farma Co. betrayed the deal made previously with both sides. Previously this company promised that the deal will be carry on comnpletely in seven working days, but until tonight not even  a single demand is fulfilled by the company, he stated.

Thousands of workers in Kalbe Farma Co. Cikarang are being shot by tear gas canisters by the cops around 7 pm. Sofya, one of the worker, suffered injury while tens of other workers also suffered injury from tear gas canisters and from being stepped by the cops. M. Nuhfahrozzy, the Action Coordinator, is captured by the cops and being locked inside Kalbe Farma, he explained.

Nyoemarno also added, “We demand the release of our comrade, M. Nurfahrozy who is now being captured by the cop. Meet our demands and punish the repressive police officers. If you won’t meet our demands, we will blockade Industrial area in Bekasi. We will stop the production machines and we will draw out all workers to give their solidarity.”, he said.



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