Indonesian Student Union (SMI) Supports General Strike

At this moment workers are preparing national consolidation under “Preparation COmmittee for National Consolidation”.
This movement made in order to win and to achieve 50% minimum wage rise and make sure the government will not implement casualization, contract system, and outsourcing.

Yet, working under capitalist system will not put human as a complete human being. Instead they are being forced to work under capitalists’ (employers) controll.

By implementing low wage policy and casualization, contract working system, and outsourcing, the employers have the intention to enrich themselves. Instead of having wealth, workers suffered enormous oppression. We know that the development of capitalism have narrowed the borders between workers and students. Because capitalism is not only oppressing workers in factory but also transformed education into “industrial association”. Since students are future-workers, it is an appropriate thing for student movement to take inherent position with workers movement.

Like it or not, the workers struggle to achieve decent wage and to erase casualization, contract working system, and outsourcing will make impact on future-workers. Therefore position that need to be taken by student movement is to support and to involve themselves with workers struggle.

Concretely, we, Indonesian Student Union (Serikat Mahasiswa Indonesia/SMI) took a position to get involve in National Consolidation on 30 September 2013 to prepare Nationwide General Strike and to build and strengthen student movement that related with nationwide general strike movement.

Azmir Zahara, General Chair Man of Indonesian Student Union (SMI).

*translated from under original title ‘PELAJAR DAN MAHASISWA DUKUNG PERJUANGAN BURUH’ dated 27 September 2013. Translated into English and republished via Earth of People.


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