Electricity Workers will Make Black Out General Strike in Central Java and Yogyakarta

Hundreds of outsourcing workers from State Electricity Enterprise (PLN) held protest in front of Central Java Local Assembly (DPRD) Tuesday afternoon, 1 October 2013. They claimed they will launch black out power strike in all central java province and Yogyakarta if workers demands are not fulfilled.

Chairman of National Trade Union (SPN) PLN Outsourced Workers in Central Java and Yogyakarta, Suwardiyono, said they demand to PLN to make 10.111 outsourced workers in Central Java and Yogyakarta’s Distribution PLN into permanent workers so their workers rights can be fulfilled.

“Today’s action is based on PLN outsourced workers mass gathering’s reccomendation. Demanding to PLN to make their status into permanent workers,” Suwardiyono said in front of Central Java DPRD building’s gate, Tuesday 1 October 2013.

They also claim that they will hold general strike if the government does not want to meet the workers demands. The general strike is planned to take place on 3 up to 17 October, where workers will conduct an act of disobedience by not working. If there is no respond yet, then on 18 to 20 October workers will launch massife workers strike and on 21 October will launch total general strike centered in Semarang. Workers also claim that on 29\8 to 30 October they will make black out-electricity strike.

“Black out means we will stop all electricity operations in whole Central Java and Yogyakarta Province.” he stated. In the protest, workers also brought petition letter and statement of workers demand to be raised from outsourced workers into permanent workers. They planned to deliver the letter to Central Java Governor, Ganjar Pranowo, but Ganjar was not in office since he has another agenda outside.

*translated from SPN offical site. Translated into English and republished via Earth of People.


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