Towards Nationwide General Strike, Jakarta Workers Launch Regional Convoy

After declaring their stance on 30 September 2013, for nationwide general strike, the working class showed their seriousness. Wednesday, 2 October 2013, hundreds of workers in Jakarta held a regional convoy, spreading flyers on the plan for nationwide general strike.

Since morning, hundreds of workers called Jakarta Workers on The Move (Buruh Jakarta Bergerak) have gathered in two spots: Ancol industrial area and KBN Cakung to spread flyers. Workers alliance consisted of several organizations such as SBTPI, FBLP, SPN, PROGRESIP, GSBM KASBI, FORBES, FPBI, SPSI RTMM, FSBI, FRONJAK, KPO-PRP, also held speak out and delivered their orations for one hour in each spot before they move as a single united convoy towards the same spot.

Their destination is North Jakarta Public Court to support their comrades who were involved in trial process due to employes law suit against their striking workers. After few hours in North Jakarta Public Court, these hundreds of workers moved to Pulogadung industrial area.

Along the way to Pulogadung industrial area, they kept on spreading flyers. In the flyers, they are not only demanding Jakarta minimum wage rise up to 3,7 million rupiahs but also rejecting Presidential Instruction (Inpres) on wage and daily goods price control that keep on rising. In Pulogadung region they also went around and conducting speak out and oration.

In every oration theme, each organization declared that they are ready to launch nationwide general strike on 28, 29, and 30 October, and call the worker masses in factories to prepared them selvs. After spreading flyers workers moved and heading towards Workforce and Transmigration Ministry until that afternoon.

*translated from “Menuju Mogok Nasional, Buruh Jakarta Melakukan Konvoi Kawasan” from Translated into English and republished via Earth of People,


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