Indonesian Teachers Held Strike to Demand Government Concerns on Education

Teachers in Indonesia held teachers strike and joint prayers in each region to demand government’s concern towards national education condition on Saturday 5 October 2013, coincides with International Teacher’s Day.
“The concrete number in Indonesia is still unclear today. We estimated that the teachers who will join the joint prayers and teachers strike are below 3,7 millions people.”, Sulistiyo, General Chairman of Great Caretaker of Indonesian Republic Teachers Union (PGRI) said in a protest in Jakarta.
According to him, teachers from sub-districts, regents, provinces, and central level are launching strike action today.
Information letters on this mass action, he stated, already delivered to President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Minister of Education and Culture M. Nuh and Head of Indonesian Republic, Police General Timur Pradopo.
Sulistiyo said, teachers are doing such strike to raise their concerns on enormous problems in education.
“Our education’s direction is getting more and more unclear and it is getting harder to fix human character,” he said.
Sulistiyo said nationwide teachers strike is also a critic towards government policy that makes teachers’ life getting more deteriorating.
“From teachers sertification, the distribution and spreading of teachers, sertification subsidy, inpassing or private teachers equalization like civil workers (PNS), honorarium teachers status improvement and others.”, he said.
*taken from Antara “Para guru mogok mengajar tuntut kepedulian pemerintah” Saturday 5 October 2013. Translated into English and republished via Earth of People.


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