Karawang Peasants Defend Their Land Against Corporate Eviction

Thousands of mobile brigade and thugs hired by Agung Podomoro Inc. now are ready to storm three villages in West Telukjambe, Karawang, Indonesia. The people of Karawang also prepared to defend their lands. This is an actual potential agrarian conflict with 7.000 armed mobile brigade apparatuses will evict and displace the peasants from their 350 hectares large land. Around 1,200 peasants from Margamulya village, Wanasari, Wanakerta, Subdistrict, West Telukjambe, Karawang, will defend their land from the act of land grabbing committed by corporation. The peasants always pays their tax obediently to the states for tens of years but the ruling regime happily to evict and displace the peasants in the sake of factory enlargement. Pictures: armed police apparatuses, water cannon truck, and Thugs hired by Agung Podomoro Land Inc. in Karawang.

The peasants and the people demand:
1. Stop the displacement towards the peasants mandated by state court of Karawang since the land has been ploughed and owned legally by the peasants who pays tax regularly and obediently to the states for tens of years.

2. Pull seven thousands armed mobile brigade back from agrarian conflict area in Karawang because they intimidates and provokes the people.

3. Solidarity from all Indonesians and comrades in struggle who supports the agrarian reform to condemn the injustice suffered by the peasants

Send your condemnation to:
Chief of Western Java Region Police, Mochamad Iriawan 0817118484
Chief of Karawang Resort Police, Dadi Hartadi 0811350096
Chairman of Karawang State Court, Marsudin, 081290318064

Red Salute
and long live solidarity
Agrarian Renewal COncorcium (KPA), Suprayitno 081310338980
Karawang Peasants Union (SEPETAK), Hilal Tamami 081284550130

*translated from report in Indonesian by Yab Sarpote.


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