Hundreds of West Papuan Protesters Suffered Repression and Custody from Indonesian Cops

Tuesday, December 1st, 2015. West Papuan pro independence youth from Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua (AMP) or Papuan Students Alliance, held a peaceful protest rally in Jakarta commemorating West Papuan declaration of independence and condemning Indonesian military occupation. However despite Indonesian Constitution (UUD 45) opening states “Independence is the right of all nation and all colonialism must be eradicated…” the Indonesian cops in Jakarta respond that with riot police who shot tear gas and and hit their clubs to hundreds peaceful West Papuan protesters in Hotel Indonesia round about, a popular spot for protest, who were planning to march to Presidential Palace. Head of Central Jakarta Police Resort, Hendro Pandowo, made his justification “The protest was without permission…despite they demand an independence.” But Veronica Koman from Indonesian Legal Aid (LB) stated that AMP already sent their announcement letter to the police. “…but despite of this, Indonesian cops always use repression towards any event related to West Papuan Independence”.

Up until this moment at least 306 protesters was put into custody. Among them, there is also Citra Referandum from Indonesian Legal Aid who was doing his legal work helping the mistreated protester but also suffered arrest by the cops. The cops also mobilize their force to other spots and areas, including Cawang and Tangerang. They strip Morning Star Flag (West Papuan official flag) and all attributes symbolizing West Papuan freedom movement. This claim, however, is refuted by Citra. The AMP it self demands the right for self determination as democratic solution to Papuan people, withdraw all Indonesian soldiers from Papua, and hold referendum for Papuan people.


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