Karawang Peasants Defend Their Land Against Corporate Eviction

Thousands of mobile brigade and thugs hired by Agung Podomoro Inc. now are ready to storm three villages in West Telukjambe, Karawang, Indonesia. The people of Karawang also prepared to defend their lands. This is an actual potential agrarian conflict with 7.000 armed mobile brigade apparatuses will evict and displace the peasants from their 350 … Continue reading

Three Thousands Bulukumba Peasants Occupy Loncum Ltd. Agricultural Plantation

More than 3.000 peasants from ten villages with their organisation, AGRA (Aliansi Gerakan Reforma Agraria – Alliance of Agrarian Reform Movement) Bulukumba, occupy Lonsum Ltd rubber agricultural plantation since 12th of August. The occupy is a struggle to reclaim peasants’ rights of lands which is being grabbed by Lonsum Ltd. since tens of years ago. … Continue reading

Workers and Trade Unions Supports Peasants and Their On Foot Marches to Jakarta Demanding Land for People

Jambi Peasants Long March finally reached Jakarta, after more than one month being launched at December, 12th, 2012, the peasants have walked through four provinces and more than 20 cities/counties in Indonesia. It has been a militant act since no one ever walk for 1.000 Kilometers before, demanding “Land for People”, “Carry Out UU PA … Continue reading