YSF: Youth and Students! Fight and Defeat Imperialism!

Youth and Students: Junk WTO! Fight and Defeat Imperialism BACKGROUND: WTO as the US Imperialist Machinery to Control International Trade The World Trade Organization was institutionalized in January 1, 1995, succeeded General Tariffs and Trade. The main objective of WTO is the liberalization of economies to facilitate trade articulated by reduction to removal of all … Continue reading

The Current Situation and Prospect for The Youth Movement

THE CURRENT SITUATION AND PROSPECTS FOR THE YOUTH MOVEMENT Keynote Speech by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle at the Youth Solidarity Festival Bali, Indonesia, December 3, 2013 In behalf of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, I extend warmest greetings of solidarity to the organizers and participants of … Continue reading

APRN – Push People’s Alternatives to WTO

Draft Statement of the APRN Public Forum on the People’s Trade Agenda (December 4, 2013) Until today, the WTO remains as one of the most important mechanisms of the global monopoly capital in advancing neoliberal trade. After almost two decades since its establishment, the WTO’s legacy is the plunder of the world’s resources by rich … Continue reading

Indigenous Peoples Resisting Neo-Liberal Globalization

DECLARATION Indigenous Peoples:Resisting Globalization, Asserting Self-Determination We, the Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth gathered here in Bali, Indonesia on 2-6 December 2013, organizing our own workshop and various events parallel to the World Trade Organization Ninth Ministerial Meeting (WTO MC9), hereby agreed to resist neoliberal globalization and assert our right to Self-Determination. As Indigenous Peoples … Continue reading

Stop The Brutal Suppression of Workers and Trade Unions in Cambodia

Support Cambodian working people who have been struggling for their rights. STOP THE BRUTAL SUPPRESSION OF WORKERS AND TRADE UNIONS IN CAMBODIA.* We condemn the Cambodian government for violently suppressing the legitimate strike organised and participated by the majority of garment, textile and footwear workers demanding higher minimum wage. Numerous media reports confirmed that the … Continue reading

Indonesian Student Union (SMI) Supports General Strike

At this moment workers are preparing national consolidation under “Preparation COmmittee for National Consolidation”. This movement made in order to win and to achieve 50% minimum wage rise and make sure the government will not implement casualization, contract system, and outsourcing. Yet, working under capitalist system will not put human as a complete human being. … Continue reading

Indonesia: On The Results of Workers Movement National Consolidation

On The Results of Workers Movement National Consolidation KSPI (Indonesian Trade Union Confederation) Press Release 30 September 2013 50 workers’ organization in national level and 100 workers’ organization in regional level from 100 regencies and or municipalities from 18 provinces today gathered to declare their unity in the struggle to achieve 50% rise in minimum … Continue reading

Indonesian Workers are Preparing Second Nationwide General Strike

Preparation Committee for National Workers’ Movement Consolidation Press Release on 20 September 2013 For A 50% Rise in 2014 Minimum Wage!   Indonesian Workers are Preparing Second Nationwide General Strike Fight The Low Wage Regime   KSPI, KASBI, FSPMI, ASPEK Indonesia , FSP KEP, SP PAR Ref, SP PPMI, FSP Farkes Ref, FSP ISI, PGRI, … Continue reading

Joint Statement from Indonesia “Solidarity for Egyptian”

Egypt is in continous turmoil and bloodshed Murders and sexual assaults towards Egyptian People is a conscious attempt by Egyptian Military to silence the growing people power in their never ending resistance caused by deteriorating economic condition eventhough the previous regime fall and the new regime rules. The dangerous and threatening circumstances where victims keep … Continue reading