The Current Situation and Prospect for The Youth Movement

THE CURRENT SITUATION AND PROSPECTS FOR THE YOUTH MOVEMENT Keynote Speech by Prof. Jose Maria Sison, Chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle at the Youth Solidarity Festival Bali, Indonesia, December 3, 2013 In behalf of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, I extend warmest greetings of solidarity to the organizers and participants of … Continue reading

APRN – Push People’s Alternatives to WTO

Draft Statement of the APRN Public Forum on the People’s Trade Agenda (December 4, 2013) Until today, the WTO remains as one of the most important mechanisms of the global monopoly capital in advancing neoliberal trade. After almost two decades since its establishment, the WTO’s legacy is the plunder of the world’s resources by rich … Continue reading

Indigenous Peoples Resisting Neo-Liberal Globalization

DECLARATION Indigenous Peoples:Resisting Globalization, Asserting Self-Determination We, the Indigenous Peoples of Mother Earth gathered here in Bali, Indonesia on 2-6 December 2013, organizing our own workshop and various events parallel to the World Trade Organization Ninth Ministerial Meeting (WTO MC9), hereby agreed to resist neoliberal globalization and assert our right to Self-Determination. As Indigenous Peoples … Continue reading

Nining Elitos, Chairman of Konfederasi KASBI (Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions Alliance Congress), Speech Against Fuel Oil Price Hike and Subsidy Elimination

SBY-Boediono Regime will announce their plan for fuel oil price hike in next mid of July while waiting for the agreement for revision for the draft of national revenue budget expenditure. The fuel oil price rise between Rp 1.500,- to Rp 2.000,-. In another word the fuel oil price would be between Rp 6.000,- to … Continue reading

Workers and Trade Unions Supports Peasants and Their On Foot Marches to Jakarta Demanding Land for People

Jambi Peasants Long March finally reached Jakarta, after more than one month being launched at December, 12th, 2012, the peasants have walked through four provinces and more than 20 cities/counties in Indonesia. It has been a militant act since no one ever walk for 1.000 Kilometers before, demanding “Land for People”, “Carry Out UU PA … Continue reading

The Three October Movement – Nasional Mass Strike of Working Class in Indonesia

The Three October Movement – Nasional Mass Strike of Working Class in Indonesia A Sharpening of Working Class Struggle in Indonesia For the first time in history, after more than 50 years of absence, Indonesia witnessed a nationwide worker strike. It was, MPBI (Majelis Pekerja Buruh Indonesia/Indonesian Labour and Worker Assembly), a board consisted of … Continue reading