If Government Give Us Fuel Price Hike, We Will Give Them General Strike

Indonesian workers strongly disagree and they stated that they will take measures against fuel price hike by the new government under Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Jusuf Kalla. Such measures included national day of action and general strike. Said Iqbal, president of Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Indonesia (KSPI) or Indonesian Trade Union Confederation stated that anti fuel … Continue reading

Towards Nationwide General Strike, Jakarta Workers Launch Regional Convoy

After declaring their stance on 30 September 2013, for nationwide general strike, the working class showed their seriousness. Wednesday, 2 October 2013, hundreds of workers in Jakarta held a regional convoy, spreading flyers on the plan for nationwide general strike. Since morning, hundreds of workers called Jakarta Workers on The Move (Buruh Jakarta Bergerak) have … Continue reading

Electricity Workers will Make Black Out General Strike in Central Java and Yogyakarta

Hundreds of outsourcing workers from State Electricity Enterprise (PLN) held protest in front of Central Java Local Assembly (DPRD) Tuesday afternoon, 1 October 2013. They claimed they will launch black out power strike in all central java province and Yogyakarta if workers demands are not fulfilled. Chairman of National Trade Union (SPN) PLN Outsourced Workers … Continue reading

Indonesian Student Union (SMI) Supports General Strike

At this moment workers are preparing national consolidation under “Preparation COmmittee for National Consolidation”. This movement made in order to win and to achieve 50% minimum wage rise and make sure the government will not implement casualization, contract system, and outsourcing. Yet, working under capitalist system will not put human as a complete human being. … Continue reading

Nationwide General Strike for Three Days in a Row

Workers from various trade unions, trade union federation and or confederations, and workers organization set a deal for a nationwide general strike in industrial cities, in electric plants, which being supported as well by teachers and empowered by container trucks on 28, 29, and 30 October 2013. This is a brief review and information on … Continue reading

Indonesia: On The Results of Workers Movement National Consolidation

On The Results of Workers Movement National Consolidation KSPI (Indonesian Trade Union Confederation) Press Release 30 September 2013 50 workers’ organization in national level and 100 workers’ organization in regional level from 100 regencies and or municipalities from 18 provinces today gathered to declare their unity in the struggle to achieve 50% rise in minimum … Continue reading

Indonesian Workers are Preparing Second Nationwide General Strike

Preparation Committee for National Workers’ Movement Consolidation Press Release on 20 September 2013 For A 50% Rise in 2014 Minimum Wage!   Indonesian Workers are Preparing Second Nationwide General Strike Fight The Low Wage Regime   KSPI, KASBI, FSPMI, ASPEK Indonesia , FSP KEP, SP PAR Ref, SP PPMI, FSP Farkes Ref, FSP ISI, PGRI, … Continue reading

The Three October Movement – Nasional Mass Strike of Working Class in Indonesia

The Three October Movement – Nasional Mass Strike of Working Class in Indonesia A Sharpening of Working Class Struggle in Indonesia For the first time in history, after more than 50 years of absence, Indonesia witnessed a nationwide worker strike. It was, MPBI (Majelis Pekerja Buruh Indonesia/Indonesian Labour and Worker Assembly), a board consisted of … Continue reading