If Government Give Us Fuel Price Hike, We Will Give Them General Strike

Indonesian workers strongly disagree and they stated that they will take measures against fuel price hike by the new government under Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Jusuf Kalla. Such measures included national day of action and general strike. Said Iqbal, president of Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Indonesia (KSPI) or Indonesian Trade Union Confederation stated that anti fuel … Continue reading

The Struggle against Wage Slavery

Chairman of KASBI (Indonesian Trade Union Congress Alliance ) Speech Young, Brave, Militant salute! One determination, one action. Workers comrades in struggle, in this occasion, as KASBI chairman I would like to deliver fundamental thoughts on the essence of the struggle against neo-colonialism in Indonesia, especially in working class sector. Recently Indonesians being shocked by … Continue reading

Nining Elitos, Chairman of Konfederasi KASBI (Confederation of Indonesian Trade Unions Alliance Congress), Speech Against Fuel Oil Price Hike and Subsidy Elimination

SBY-Boediono Regime will announce their plan for fuel oil price hike in next mid of July while waiting for the agreement for revision for the draft of national revenue budget expenditure. The fuel oil price rise between Rp 1.500,- to Rp 2.000,-. In another word the fuel oil price would be between Rp 6.000,- to … Continue reading

South Sumateran Workers Succesful Push for Wage Rise but The Bosses Insist on Lower Pay

After waves of protest rally, on Monday January 21st, 2013, hundreds of workers finally succesfully forced South Sumatera local government to agree in raising minimum wage in South Sumatera for 20%, raised from Rp 1.350.000,- to Rp 1.630.000. Nining Elitos, chairman of KASBI (Congress of Indonesian Trade Union Alliance) stated, “Decent wage in reality should … Continue reading

Three workers captured when a protest rally clashed with the cops

BEKASI, MP Rieke Diah Pitaloki visited Bekasi Police Headquarter to see workers’ condition who are being captured by the cops. Three workers captured when they were protesting in front of Pertamina Gas limited in Pasirsari Village, South Cikarang, Bekasi County, West Java, on Wednesday (10/10). The clash between workers and cops sparked when the workers … Continue reading