Stop The Brutal Suppression of Workers and Trade Unions in Cambodia

Support Cambodian working people who have been struggling for their rights. STOP THE BRUTAL SUPPRESSION OF WORKERS AND TRADE UNIONS IN CAMBODIA.* We condemn the Cambodian government for violently suppressing the legitimate strike organised and participated by the majority of garment, textile and footwear workers demanding higher minimum wage. Numerous media reports confirmed that the … Continue reading

Joint Statement from Indonesia “Solidarity for Egyptian”

Egypt is in continous turmoil and bloodshed Murders and sexual assaults towards Egyptian People is a conscious attempt by Egyptian Military to silence the growing people power in their never ending resistance caused by deteriorating economic condition eventhough the previous regime fall and the new regime rules. The dangerous and threatening circumstances where victims keep … Continue reading

The workers and trade union also help victims of the Flood in Jakarta.

Workers who are members of KSPSI (Konfederasi Serikat Pekerja Seluruh Indonesia/All Indonesian Trade Union Confederacy) supplied foods and drinking water to flood affected area in Melayu Village, East Jakarta. Andi Gani Nena Wea, President of KSPSI who alse Presidium of MPBI (Majelis Pekerja Buruh Indonesia/Indonesian Labour and Worker Assembly) lead hundreds of workers and trade … Continue reading